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Diversity Charter Magyarországon
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Felelős foglalkoztatók Magyarországon - Diversity Charter
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mtd Consulting and Corporate Community Association was formed in 2013 with the intention of sharing our knowledge and building a professional community. As its name shows the Association build on the cooperation of experts, consultants and practising corporate professionals committed to diversity.

The Association’s aim

mtd Consulting and Corporate Community Associations main activity is the prevention of labour market discrimination and the furtherance of equal opportunities and societal diversity in both the business and governmental sphere through nonprofit activities.

The Associations objectives:

·         Helping to bring about measures to increase disadvantaged groups’ participation in higher education and improve their status on the labour market, decrease labour market imbalances.

·         Pursuing scientific activity relating to discrimination, workplace equal opportunities, organizational diversity, social sustainability and companies’ corporate social responsibility, conducting applied research.

·         Collecting and publishing of the best practices of workplace equal opportunities, corporate social responsibility and inclusive organizational cultures, both at home and abroad.

·         Education, dissemination of information and awareness-raising in order to bring about a culture of discrimination-free, honest and ethical employment and the integration of disadvantaged, protected groups.

·         Assessment and improvement of employment opportunities for disabled individuals, promoting the spread of atypical employment poractices.

·         Popularisation of equal treatment and societal inclusion with businesses and other institutions.

·         Demonstration that diversity aimed to improve social sustainability is a non-negligible factor in economic sustainability.

·         Participating in making responsibly operating companies more attractive and aiding them in brand-building.

·         Motivating the players of the economy with awards & certificates to operate in a socially sustainable and discrimination-free manner.

·         Creation of a national methodological centre, knowledge bases and professional forums, community-building.

·         Improving demographically-harmonised employment indicators through nonprofit activities.

·           Further education courses in Equal Opportunities and Diversity for professionals working in the education and social spheres.

·         To be a bridge for communication and partnership between the civil sector, the government and the private sector.

The Association’s activities

The Associations’s nonprofit activities:

·         Development and application of new methods, tools and theories in corporate social responsibility, equal opportunities and management, upon request and on our own initiative

·         Provision of courses and lectures to universities and other educational institutions

·         Trade shows, seminars to exchange of experience, courses and workshops

·         Editing, publishing, adapting and proofreading of professional publications, informational materials and newsletters

·         Organising events for and maintaining a professional club and community

·         Cooperation with businesses, social and governmental organisations

·         Gathering information, building of databases

·         Facilitation of measures to increase the involvement of disadvantaged groups and access to information society-related services

·         Creation of awards to honour leaders in the field of equal opportunities individuals and organisations

·         Participate in organisations’ CSR and diversity assessment

·         Facilitation of information exchange and relationship building

·         Creation and operation of countrywide network of consultants

·         Job mediation services for disadvantaged individuals

·         Career counseling support to facilitate employment of disadvantaged individuals

·         Assisting in creating and  nurturing tenders furthering equal opportunities and social sustainability

·         Initiating contact and exchange of experiences with organisations doing similar work both in Hungary and abroad

·         Dissemination of information and best practices in avoiding discrimination, promoting equal opportunities, CSR and diversity through the media and other forms of mass communication

The Associations’s additional, for-profit tasks:

·         Acting as expert advisors upon request from companies and institutions

·         Helping equal opportunities professionals gain and deepen their understanding of responsible corporate governance

·         Legal and methodological HR consulting, equal opportunities situation analysis and benchmarking for employers


Németh Judit, XO, VP