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Csatlakozzon Egyesületünkhöz!
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Vállalati rehabilitációs koordinátor - új, egyedülálló képzés az Esély Akadémián!
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Kíváncsi más vállalatok esélyegyenlőségi jó gyakorlataira?
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IV. Esélykonferencia, a generációk sokszínűségéről
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Diversity Charter Magyarországon
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Felelős foglalkoztatók Magyarországon - Diversity Charter
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Sokszínű Szervezet TOP 10

Benefits of membership

The goal of mtd Consulting and Corporate Community Association is to:

  • share corporate best practices on diversity
  • form a community of organisations employing best practices and committed to workplace equal opportunities
  • protecting the interests of the said community

Our goal is also to actively reach the participants of the labour market by way of organising forums and events for sharing experiences.

We consider it our duty to collect and to provide professional support for these activities and opportunities for relationship-building and to present international best practices in diversity and equal opportunities.

Why join us?

  • To vote at meetings (full membership)
  • To vote for and be voted as officers (full memb.)
  • To participate in the Association’s work and receive up-to-date information on the topics of equal opportunities and diversity at the workplace
  • To get to know other companies’ equal opportunities and diversity practices and plans
  • To gain insight into where your organization stands in respect to your diversity management activities with the aid of our benchmark data
  • To be part of a professional community respected at home and abroad
  • To attend the events of the Diversity Benchmark Club free of charge
  • To make use of the Associations services at a reduced price
  • To participate in courses, events and company visits at a discounted price or in some cases free of charge
  • To display your membership of mtd on your official documents and website
  • To display your name and logo on the Association’s website in the introductions section
  • To have introduction and media opportunities
  • To enjoy the benefits of priority booking for our events and programs
  • To have relationship-building and cooperation possibilities
  • To submit suggestions and motions
  • To join a closed online system only accessible by members
  • To support an initiative through which you will gain CSR and PR benefits

How to join:

If you would like to join us and further develop Hungarys only diversity benchmark-based innovative community, please see the following page!